Anhui fengle agrochemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hefei Fengle Seed Industry Co., Ltd. with independent legal personality. It is a designated national pesticide original drug production enterprise, high-tech enterprise and national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. It has Anhui Enterprise Technology Center and Hefei Chemical Pesticide engineering technology research center.

Founded in 九州足球分析, the company has a registered capital of 255 million yuan and a total assets of 1.18 billion yuan. The company is now under the jurisdiction of "Xinjiang lewanjia Seed Industry Co., Ltd.", "Hefei fengtianxia agricultural means of production Co., Ltd." and "Hubei fengle ecological fertilizer Co., Ltd.", which has initially formed the production and operation pattern of seed, medicine and fertilizer integration.

  • 九州足球分析


  • 2.55

    Capital (Billion)

  • 11.8

    Property (Billion)



Company News

company news

Agricultural resources knowledge

Agricultural resources knowledge

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