Anhui fengle agrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 九州足球分析 with a registered capital of 255 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hefei Fengle Seed Industry Co., Ltd. with independent legal personality. It is an enterprise under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hefei. Under the jurisdiction of Xinjiang lewanjia Seed Industry Co., Ltd., Hefei fengtianxia agricultural means of production Co., Ltd., and Hubei fengle ecological fertilizer Co., Ltd., which are located in the Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park of Feidong County, are committed to the R & D, production and sales of super efficient and low toxic pesticides and new fertilizers. It has developed into a national high-tech enterprise, a national pesticide backbone enterprise, a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, a leading pesticide enterprise in Anhui Province, a national agricultural technology extension service center of the Ministry of agriculture, and a director unit and enterprise of the national crop pest control promotion network It has provincial technology center, Anhui postdoctoral research station, Anhui academician workstation under construction and Hefei Chemical Pesticide engineering technology center. It ranks 33rd in China's top 100 agrochemical industry, ranks the top in the comprehensive strength of more than 70 pesticide enterprises in Anhui Province, and takes the lead in the field of new and efficient dry land herbicides in China.

Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the healthy, sustainable and stable development of fengle agrochemical industry. The company has five research centers and one base -- Hefei Chemical Pesticide Engineering Technology Center, dosage form research and development center, biological pesticide research center, seed coating agent research center, analysis and detection center and bioassay experimental base, equipped with advanced analysis and detection equipment and first-class experimental facilities. Since 2000, fengle agrochemical has undertaken and completed more than ten national, provincial and municipal key scientific and technological projects. It has won seven provincial first and second prizes for scientific and technological progress for seven consecutive years, four provincial scientific and technological achievement awards for four consecutive years, and eight national key new products for eight consecutive years, which is rare in the pesticide industry. Now it has 39 national authorized patents and 206 registered trademarks. In recent years, the company has greatly improved its production capacity by introducing advanced intelligent robot production technology. In order to enhance the marketing competitiveness of the industrial value chain and enhance the market's ability to cope with the environment, the company acquired ChuFeng Chemical Co., Ltd., and set up a subsidiary "Hubei fengle ecological fertilizer Co., Ltd." to make up for the short board of fertilizer, so as to realize the rapid development of the enterprise.

Fengle agrochemical has strong brand advantages, and gradually forms a product pattern based on pesticide formulation products and new high-end fertilizers, technical drug products as the pillar, seed coating agents and fine chemical intermediates as auxiliary products. The company now has 21 original drug product registration certificates, nearly 20 kinds of new high-end fertilizers, and more than 120 dosage form product registration certificates. The products cover herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed coating agents, new high-end fertilizers and fine chemical intermediates. The company has passed the certification of three systems, intellectual property management and integration of industrialization and industrialization, and won the title of "Anhui Provincial Quality Management Award" and "Anhui famous brand product". The company's new products "Meijin", "Jianfeng" and "banzhaojing" won China's pesticide basic innovation contribution award. In 2019, fengle Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd. won "Hefei May 1st Labor Award" and "Anhui Province" Hu Huahai, the leader of the company, won the May 1st Labor Medal of Anhui Province.

In the future development, fengle agrochemical will take more effective measures to strengthen its own construction, strengthen the original medicine, make preparations and fertilizers bigger, and participate in the market competition with new technology, high quality and low cost. Carry out brand strategy, create integrated service of seed, medicine and fertilizer, and expand market share. Take care of green life and offer golden harvest. Under the new situation, fengle agricultural chemical industry association will seek new breakthroughs in development. It will devote itself to the research and development of modern agricultural chemical products and services, promote advanced agricultural science and technology, and create the best quality service provider of comprehensive planting, medicine and fertilizer in China.

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